Boat parked at Pulau Ubin jetty with background of the shore

Our Team


I truly hope that more people will come to understand the cultural significance that Ubin holds because of the residents themselves who have such rich stories and valuable practices :') I hope this project helps people make greater meaning from their experience on the island, and I can't wait to meet and learn from even more residents and other important groups like the different volunteers!


Project Leader

Interviews Team

I hope to form meaningful relationships with the residents and get to know their stories.


Audio Engineer

Get a glimpse of what it takes to create human-interest type of content that is both heart warming and enjoyable for viewers to watch!



I hope to bring more attention to Pulau Ubin and share Ubin's story. In addition, I hope that when the visitors come to Pulau Ubin, they are not just there to go cycling, camping, hiking, etc , but also to listen to Ubin's story and connect with Ubin's residents.

-Jia Yee

Video Editor

Through visual storytelling, my aim is to share the stories of the island and its residents with the rest of the world, shedding light on the beauty and value of Pulau Ubin that deserves to be preserved and celebrated.



Socials Team

Spread the word about the secrets of Pulau Ubin and encourage more people to spend more time outside the city and appreciate our last few real kampungs.


Graphic Designer

I hope to preserve the stories of Pulau Ubin and spread it to others. I also hope to grow and learn useful things that can contribute to my skill and life from my team and the residence. It's a whole new perspective that I'm excited to discover.


Graphic Designer

I hope to get more people interested in Pulau Ubin and its people. I think that there is a lot that Singaporeans can learn from the Pulau Ubin, such as their culture and their way of life. Connecting with the residents grounds me and reminds me of the importance of relationships and communication. Especially now that we are so digitised and connected virtually, the honest relationships with them feel invaluable.

-Jin Han

Web Developer