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Ubin Kakis

Our Project


Our goal for this project is to form meaningful connections with the communities on Pulau Ubin and share their cultures and kampung life with more Singaporeans. We'll be releasing content on a regular basis, and we sincerely hope that more Singaporeans will come to appreciate the cultural significance of Pulau Ubin.


Project Leader

Two dogs dou dou and le le looking in the distance


Ubin Kakis Recap

The pilot run of 2023 was truly a year of experiences for everyone on the team

Ubin Kakis Team


1 February 2024

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Our Team

Ubin Kakis team smiling at the camera

We are a group of SMU students deeply passionate about culture and community, and we're working with Artsolute to help raise greater awareness and interest in the cultural heritage of Pulau Ubin.

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