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Ubin Kakis Recap

Ubin Kakis Team


1 February 2024

The pilot run of 2023 was truly a year of experiences for everyone on the team.


From listening to the stories of the residents and participating in events that showcase the rich practices and traditional cultures of the island, it has been such a meaningful journey.


Childhoods, nostalgia, communities, livelihoods, moving with the times, sustainability and relevancy - these are some terms we are reminded of from our interactions with the Ubin communities.


In order to express our gratitude to the residents and everyone who has helped us along the way, including our school managers and project partner, we also organised a fun evening of games, dinners and interactions two weekends ago! Head over to our Instagram to view some pictures!


During our pilot run, we were grateful to have learnt and achieved many things. It has been such a joy for the 2023 Ubin Kakis team and now we have officially stepped down with great memories!


But it's not a goodbye because we will be back with a new team of passionate and curious individuals. We are so grateful for all the support and we hope to do more for the Ubin communities and share more about this beautiful island with everyone in 2024!