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Meet Uncle Satay: Taxi Driver on the Island

Ubin Kakis Team


30 September 2023

Introducing Uncle Satay!


Even before embarking on our project, the Ubin Kakis already knew Uncle Satay as the crab hunter featured on OGS. An extremely friendly individual, we're so glad we've gotten to know Uncle better!


He often brings us around Ubin on his taxi van while sharing some of his favourite spots on his island-home and many interesting stories of his life on Ubin, from crab-hunting to fetching diverse groups of visitors.


Curious about the day in a life of a resident and taxi driver on the island? Hop on Uncle Satay's taxi van along with us in this video and find out more about some unique points of Pulau Ubin that encouraged him to make this island his new home 19 years ago!