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Jin's Reflections



29 December 2023

My fondest memory

The Tua Pek Gong festival on Ubin remains my most cherished recollection from Ubin Kakis. This memory holds a special place in my heart as I witnessed the entire Pulau Ubin community uniting to organize and celebrate a collective endeavor. What left a profound impact on me was the sight of non-residents dedicating their time from the mainland to participate as volunteers. These volunteers represented a diverse spectrum of society, ranging from young students to senior citizens. Observing this harmonious convergence of individuals from different backgrounds was truly heartwarming. Jin With Aunty TPK.jpg

My Favourite Video & IG post

My favourite video on Ubin Kakis is our inaugural episode, featuring a conversation with Terence, also known as Ubin Artist. Beyond creating stunning drawings of Ubin, Terence has played a pivotal role in organizing interest groups with the goal of conserving Ubin's rich cultural heritage. Serving as our project advisor, Terence has been instrumental in educating us about Ubin's cultural etiquette and history, enabling us to kickstart the year-long project with a bang. Check out the teaser on Instagram. Jin With Terence.jpg

Fading cultures & conserving cultural heritage

In the changing world of cultures, fading cultures are part and parcel. This doesn't mean forgetting the past. Instead, it's like a conversation between what's old and what's new, illustrating the natural transformation journey of Pulau Ubin. The main lesson I gleaned was that the conservation of cultural heritage heavily relies on individual interests. Whether it's a fascination with Ubin's natural beauty, cycling paths, the lives of its residents and businesses, or its people, genuine interest serves as the driving force. In essence, we cannot compel someone to actively participate in conserving Ubin's cultural heritage if they lack interest in any facet of the island.