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Jeannie's Reflections



29 December 2023

Share your key takeaways

Learning about cultural heritage and the importance of community: Ubin project surprised me on how much involved we are to the local community’s culture and traditions. We communicated a lot and learned so much from the residents and locals regarding their lives in Ubin. Hearing about the local’s experiences and stories contrasts with our fast paced life in the city. Unfortunately some of the customs and unique things in Ubin are lost due to time. Hearing how fondly the uncle and aunties talked about their younger days in Ubin makes me realise how rich and important the island is to them and how preserving their stories matter even in the simplest forms.

A special memory with the Ubin Communities and why

Tua Pek Kong festival. You see Ubin in a new light, the festival gives you such a vibrant image of Ubin and communities gathering from different parts or even nations to celebrate together. The team and residents worked hard to organize the event and it was such a unique experience. Helping out was tiring but I think it paid off, I feel the kampong spirit in it hahaha. Wan's volunteer project: At one point we helped Wan to clean up an old Malay house, we called the term ‘Gotong Royong’. We saw old malay houses, their conditions and I imagined of what life might’ve been like in the older days.

1 video and 1 IG Post which is special to you

Uncle Zainal’s story was meaningful to me. His journey as a boatmen teached me that no matter what life throws at you or how you start, what matters is finding the one thing you love and persisting. Being content and grateful with what you have is enough, and it makes living life a bit much more simpler.


The Diwali invitation on IG is very important to me. Making the time to finish the post was not easy since I was juggling between school, Ubin, and my personal life. However, it’s something I wanted to get right since it was our last event for the year. I wanted people to come and feel excited about the event. I was very happy when some friends and curious strangers came to the event, knowing that the hard work with the team paid off.