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Island Retreat: Journey into Ubin’s Quiet Fishing Haven

Ubin Kakis Team


30 December 2023

Introducing Russell and friends: Eugene, Weng Yew and Merryll!


Did you know that several Singaporeans and tourists actually go to Ubin for camping, kayaking and fishing adventures? On this trip, we sure got to explore Ubin in a different way and even learnt some related terms like a fish species named the Barramundis!


What we felt touched about was how the four interviewees from mainland SG, like us, were young adults who hope that Ubin would remain as the kampung it is today, with the kampung spirit alive in its communities readily and happily giving a helping hand. While their main interests lie in fishing and ours in culture and community, we were bonded by the same hope for Ubin.


Wrapping up the 2023 season, we hope this last video will be able to reach out to more young Singaporeans and visitors of Ubin. We sincerely hope that you will also have the chance to explore the richness and beauty of this island-home, whether it's kampung architecture, life by the sea, running a provision shop for decades or fishing and connecting with the locals.