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Island Life vs Mainland: Ah Boon's Choice to Stay on Pulau Ubin

Ubin Kakis Team


30 October 2023

Introducing Ah Boon!


Also known as Ah Di, he's a familiar face on Pulau Ubin, reaching out to visitors who come to the island to cycle!


He works at his Aunt's bicycle rental shop, PU18, which is the first shop you'll see upon arriving. There are also many other bicycle shops as you walk further into the centre of the main town, like House #24, #25 and #45C. So feel free to rent a bike from any of these shops or simply walk around and take the time to explore the beauty of this island!


Ever wondered what it's like to grow up on an island? Come watch this video and find out more about the Pulau Ubin of yesteryear from Ah Boon!