The ubin kakis team smiling and posing for the camera with Terence Tan in the middle.
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From Pencil to Canvas: The Pulau Ubin Artist

Ubin Kakis Team


28 April 2023

Meet our Project Partner, Artsolute! In this video, we'll be chatting with Terence, Founder and Director of Artsolute.


Founded in 2011, Artsolute is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise a caring and active society through the arts. It has been involved with various communities and has rich experience working with a diversity of stakeholders, artists and organisations locally and internationally to deliver projects that are truly impactful and sustainable.


Specific to Pulau Ubin, they are familiar faces on the island, volunteering over the past 5 years to support the heritage and the community of Ubin using community projects and the arts. Their efforts have shown how art is a great way to bring residents and volunteers together while protecting the rich heritage and way of life for the communities on Ubin.


We’ve definitely learnt a lot from Terence with his many insights, and we are excited to work closely with Artsolute in the coming months.