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Deepavali Visit

Jin Han


17 November 2023

We went to the island on Sunday with spirits high. Deepavali was a month away and we wanted to do something special for the Indian workers on Pulau Ubin.

Our plan was to organise activities such as Rangoli, Diya painting and Henna at the NParks shelter. We also brought snacks for the participants.

As we were setting up, we met with many island residents who were very welcoming of our initiative. Terence also showed up to join in the fun! It was exciting to get to see the area being put together nicely.

Jia Yee setting up snacks

Jia Yee arranging snacks on a table

Our biggest fear was that no one will show up. But fortunately, some of the island visitors were enthusiastic about the activities and showed support.

When the activities began, there were many people who took part in the Rangoli and Diya Painting. It was a wonderful sight to see many colourful patterns and figures take shape!

Lady with finished rangoli.JPG

A lady completing her Rangoli

Indian workers doing rangoli.JPG

A group of workers working together on Rangoli

I also had a go at Henna, which was really fun! I had mine done by Terence.

Jin Han drawing Henna on Victoria.JPG

Jin Han drawing Henna on Victoria’s hand

Terence drawing henna on Jin Han.JPG

Terence drawing Henna on Jin Han’s hand

Overall, we had a lot of fun engaging with the Pulau Ubin community and organising this event.

Friend group pic Jeannie.JPG

Participants taking a group picture