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Adele's Reflections



29 December 2023

Share your key takeaways about our CSP's broad social issue of fading cultures and your understanding of what cultural heritage is.

As Singapore modernizes, many residents have moved out. Basic necessities that can be found on the mainland such as healthcare, supermarkets etc, are no longer as readily available/non-existent on the island. This also encourages the community to move out and fewer and fewer people are willing to stay in Ubin. Cultural heritage encompasses the history, traditions and values that were passed down from generation to generation of the Ubin residents. The different landmarks in Ubin make up the cultural heritage, which should be recognized and safeguarded to remind future generations of the stories and hardships that the Ubin residents faced. Similar to the cultural heritage of the mainland.

A special memory with the Ubin communities

Definitely the interviews! It was a great way to interact with the residents, get to know them and document their stories.

1 video & 1 IG post that's special to you

For me it would be the video on Uncle Zainal, as I was his interviewer. Uncle Zainal is a very cheerful and carefree person, which is also someone I want to learn from. He does not let his age get in the way of what he wants to pursue in life, and his story is very heartfelt and encouraging. Especially when he shared about his career path and obstacles he faced along the way.