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A Day with Yak Hong Auntie: Running a Store on Pulau Ubin

Ubin Kakis Team


30 August 2023

Introducing Auntie Ngak Heng!


If you frequent Pulau Ubin, she would be a familiar face! She and her husband have been running Yak Hong Provision Shop together for the past 48 years, a business that's passed down to them from her in-laws. Originally from mainland Singapore, Auntie Ngak Heng often shares with us how it was like moving to Ubin and running the business in the early days!


Ever wonder how it's like running a provision shop on an island, and how it plays an integral role to the communities there? Watch this video to find out more about a typical day running Yak Hong Provision Shop and some of Auntie's fondest memories!